What Setien’s arrival can do to the squad

Setien’s arrival is going to enhance everyone’s performances in the squad. However, lets take a look at the players that are likely to show the most improvement in the remainder of the season.

  1. Griezmann: Life at Barça has been tough for the Frenchman. Despite coming up with several admirable moments on the ball, he’s clearly failed to find his bearings on the left flank. With Setien, this definitely won’t be the case. A change in formation or tactics will help Griezmann flourish up front. Now that Suárez is also injured, Setien is more likely to play him in a central role and get the best version out of him. Griezmann is lethal when it comes to attacking oppositions in central areas, especially when the team has a clear motive.
  2. De Jong: Quique’s style of play resembles Ten Hag’s philosophy majorly. They both prefer to move the ball around in exquisite fashion and always use the quality of their midfielders to run out of tight areas. Along with that, they prefer to create chances with quick passing and smooth combinations. Under Valverde, Frenkie seemed lost and was certainly not reminiscent to the version saw at Ajax. Setien will play a big role in bringing him out of his shell.
  3. Firpo: Junior was a part of Quique’s Real Betis, the same team that pounded us 4-3 in La Liga. The LB was instrumental in their win and played a key role in helping Betis achieve width and possession. With him being reunited with the manager that allowed him to build a solid reputation in Europe, Firpo certainly should be back at his absolute best.

4.) Riqui Puig: The youngster does justice to La Masia’s talent incredibly. With elegant twists and turns, creative instincts and applaudable skills, there’s no denying he could very well be the former Betis coach’s most prized possession. Setien will certainly recognize his potential as he suits his philosophy beautifully. Riqui could become an integral part of this team with him in charge.

  1. Dembele: A talented young boy lacking guidance. Setien is similar to Tuchel in the sense that he is very aware in players matters and is always modifying their gameplay. Dembouz could become a disciplined and vital player in many areas
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